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comScore and Rentrak to Merge,
Creating Leading Cross-Platform
Measurement Company

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The Global Mobile Report:

How Multi-Platform Audiences
& Engagement Compare in the
US, Canada, UK and Beyond

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vCE in DoubleClick makes
campaign measurement
easier than ever.

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    Millennial habits

    22 Sep - Millennials are heavy digital and social users and Facebook is the mobile king, Gian Fulgoni talks through the details on CNBC.

    Push Play: Is your video strategy driving results or stuck on “Pause"?
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    U.S. Display Ad Viewability Rates Won’t Budge, Still at 46% in 2014

    21 Oct - Introduction to vCE in DoubleClick: An Effortless, Actionable and Trusted GRP

    Join this webinar presentation to hear from comScore Senior Vice President Anne Hunter and Google Product Manager Paul Trieu how vCE in DoubleClick provides media buyers and sellers with the real-time data they need in an effortless, actionable and trusted GRP solution.
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