Just-Eat Group Extends UK Reach by 14% When Accounting for Mobile

To better reflect the changing state of digital media consumption today, comScore MMX™ Multi-Platform provides unduplicated audience measurement across various media platforms, including PC browsing, PC video streams and on-network mobile browsing usage in the UK.

In April 2013, the Total Digital Population (TDP) in the UK was 45.6 million. As the chart below demonstrates, amongst the top 5 properties in the UK retail-food category, Just-Eat group extended their reach by 14 percent when accounting for on-network mobile browsing in April 2013. Tesco had the largest digital audience with 9.8 million and extended their reach by 13 percent via on-network mobile browsing, followed by ASDA with 11 percent incremental reach via mobile during the month.

Accounting for these incremental audiences, media companies are able to demonstrate significantly wider scale to advertisers. For more information on the UK digital landscape, download our UK Digital Market Overview Report.

Multi-platform usage in UK retail food category