Social Networking Visitation and Engagement by Region

An analysis of social networking visitation and engagement by region revealed that Asia Pacific, home to the largest online audience of the five global regions, contributed 32.5% of worldwide visitors to the category. Europe followed with 30.1% of social networkers, while North America accounted for 18.1%. Latin America represented 10.2% of all social networking visitors in June 2011, while the Middle East – Africa was home to 9.1 percent of the category’s audience. When looking at the share of time spent on social networks, Europe accounted for the largest share of time at 38.1% of all social networking minutes, followed by North America where 21.4% of all social networking minutes emerged. Although Asia Pacific is home to the largest social networking population by visitors, the region accounted for just 16.5% of all social networking minutes.

These findings are part of the recent comScore report, The Rise of Social Networking in Latin America.

To download a complimentary copy of the report, please visit: The Rise of Social Networking in Latin America. The report is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Share of Social Networking Visitors and Minutes by Region